Open Thread #4

Friday, December 25

First of all,

Mabruk to Aqila
- you have a long way to go my dear.

Mabruk to Rashid
-Dude, welcome to the club: kelab-bersantai-3-bulan-lepasan-SPM

Mabruk to Kak Aliyyah Khuzaini n Bro Mus'ab Sahrim
-Barakallahufikum, may Allah bless your wedding. =)
Both Kak Aliyyah(UK) and Bro Mus'ab(Japan) were my seniors in Al-Amin. (class of 2004)

2009 comes to an end.
Too many GOOD things happened this year, and I hope I will become a better person in the future.

Bye bye 2009, and welcome 2010.


The Spirit of Hijra

Saturday, December 19

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Hamdallah. Hamdallah. Hamdallah.

Thank you Allah for giving me another chance to prove that I am worth. For Jannah.
Thank you Allah for every single breath.
Thank you Allah for everything.

Lately, I have been attached to Maher Zain's songs. I could not resist to play it over and over again. It struck and stuck deep into my heart.

Did people always says that we do not know at which point in our life, we will take a turn and start everything all over again? (read: turning point?)

I start to believe that a person has his/her own turning point. When, why, what- only He knows the answers. Just leave it all to him but that does not means that we just need to sit back and relax. Have you ever got paid for doing nothing?

He said, in Holy Quran; changes will not come to you unless you want it and go for it. You can celebrate thousands of New Year, wrote pages of new goals and hopes BUT if you do nothing, you gained nothing.

So, before the spirit of Hijra faded away, lets reset our niah and tell ourselves that I have been living like this for years. I have seen all type of 'damages' from this type of lifestyle. I have been suffered a lot because of 'this'.

Then, take your first step, because the very first step will led to another one, another one and another one until you realized that: 'Yep, I am on my to Jannah'.

Lets pray together for a better tomorrow.
Lets pray to be together in Jannah.
Lets take our first step, shall we?


Why do people hate tarbiyyah so much? (the word TARBIYYAH became a burden nowadays. WHY?) I just want to be a Muqarrabun (56:10-11). Thats all. I want to be near to my Khaliq. I want to be a good person.

Why people questioning about tarbiyyah. Being with people who want to be a good person is bad? How can it be like that? We done nothing wrong. Ow man, its not like we're gang of robbers or we're watching porn together

Dude, we did our Tadabbur together, we did our QIAMULLAIL together, we reminded each other so that no one will be left behind. How can that be a bad thing to do? Now, you tell me.

Tarbiyyah to a Muslim is equal to training for athletes. If you stop your training, dont dream about Olympics baby.

' I stopped my training last month because I think I trained too much and besides, I know all the tricks so dont bother, the GOLD MEDAL is mine'

Uh-Oh, puhhlease?

You do nothing yet dreaming about a medal. HELLO! Wake up dear! You are in the wrong train.

How can a person be so sure to 'win' a match without regular training, learning all the tricks and practices. It make no sense right? Even Lee Chong Wei will raises his eyebrows.. *raising my eyebrows*

I bet, sportsmens do agree with me on this. Without training-no medals.

The same goes with TARBIYYAH. Why can one be so sure that without tarbiyyah, he can be that good. I mean= "GOOD". Okay, he can be good but not GOOD. If there are two choices, Jannah or Jannah Firdausi. What will you choose?

Air-conditional bus or window-less bus?
Free food with drinks or just free foods?

Trust me. Sunnatullah will never lies. Sunnatullah is like a present a.k.a free gift from GOD to us so that we can learn something and trying not to repeat the same old mistakes ( read: maybe it will not be the exact mistakes, eg: the same type of mistakes, but it will be similar.)

But remember, not all type of person are ready for TARBIYYAH. The word TARBIYYAH is much bigger than you ever thought. Its not like the same old tarbiyyah that you got from school. It aint BADAR or KELAB AGAMA or etc. Its life baby. LIFE.

You want to be pampered,
You dont want to give commitments,
You dont want to say, Sayonara Jahiliyyah: Lagha's, Koreans stuff, Japanese' stuff, Musics, Designers collections, fashions, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc,
You dont have time for it,
You think that you can learn everything by yourselves,
You think that your everyday lifestyle is TARBIYYAH (what the duck?),
You are far from it baby.
It is sad, isnt it.
The truth.

Remember, not everyone is ready for it.
So once you're ready, just give a call, leave a message.

When you start to think and understand with your 'heart' and not your 'aqal' a.k.a brain, then you're ready.(When you're craving for more and more and more repair) Otherwise, keep on searching and trying so that He will opens your heart bit by bit and finally, SUBHANALLAH, you will see the world with another lens of life. The lens of a Muslim.


Thank you for reading my rambling post.

Aman's new song. Enjoy it. He thinks he is the male Yuna of Alex. Haha.


Friday, December 11

It is almost 5 years now.
Me and the world of blogging.

This world used to be 'my world'.
I used to enjoy writing. I used to love giving away colorful tidbits of my experiences. So that others will not do the same mistakes that I did. So that others will appreciate every little second of life.

Unfortunately, I am not the same person that I used to be. There were too much of internal conflicts and emotional breakdown(+ my condition with OAB,UTI,etc). I've became fragile and strong at the same time. This world is not the same anymore. My world. Now, is different.

This is totally not 2006. Where everything seems so perfect plus I have this unreliable desire to try something different, like medicine (?) being away from family(?) [Well, just ignore the fact that I screwed up my JPA interview]

I am not saying that I am the toughest of all and I absolutely dont mind if others said that I am childish and immature. It is okay. Different people, different POV. end.

It is not like I turned into a psycho or a appealing vampire [like Edward Cullen (?)] but at one point I realized that actually, I am lacking everywhere. It sucks when I first knew this fact. Back in 2006('05,'04.....), I thought that I have the best life ever. My family loves me, I have great friends, good result, and bla bla bla bla, but the best is yet to come.

Finally, I do realize that good result, happy family and whatsoever other things that people always talking about, I mean all of them, will not. Ever. Lead. You. To. Jannah.
Trust me on this. My 'tyres' blew up many times when I discovered this fact. I cried thousand rivers (I am no Timberlake) and thats why my world turned upside down.

(Well, at that time. I did ignore 'the doing the right thing' phrase. I knew everything yet being so lazy to do anything. (faham dengan akal VS faham dengan hati) )

Present a.k.a NOW a.k.a Today

Although now I am 100% sure that I am standing on the right path and doing the right thing (although it is hard and tiring. Give up is a big NO), the inner side of mine still craving for more repair. More healing so that I can be proud of myself.


So I really need my beloved ones to support me and believe in me. I cant 'driving' alone and I always cracking up when changing 'tyres' plus for sure, it is hard to have a late night coffee alone right?

Help me
Guide me
Support me
Because ya'll know that I am no SUPERMAN and never be able to be one but I will try my best to fulfill HIS requirement (maybe KELUANG MAN?)
I need your support and dont worry, when my battery is full charged, I will be your most loyal supporter ever.

I do need to worry much because I have sisters all over the world worrying about me and yes, nothing beats the power of Ukhuwwah.


ps: Because my battery is almost 'kong' and I need to buy a new one,so I will going back home this hols.Oopps.

ps2: Pardon my english.