Sunday, September 30
Salam Alayk,

I couldnt believe  a 29-year-old me still do blogging.
Looking back those years, I think I've changed a lot. A lot.

So what exactly a 29-year-old me looks like?

Going to my third year as a Medical Officer in one of district Hospital in east cost's Malaysia. Still deciding wether to pursue postgraduate studies or just being a laid-back medical officer in a small hospital like... forever?

Still single, hopeless romantic, and still trying to lose poundsss.

At one point of my life, I thought, Iman, maybe this is the best point of your life.

And maybe I am wrong.
I've changed.

Slowly became like a hibernated bear in a snow-cave.
Feeling all warm, and keep waiting until the weather  became warmer then only I will wake up and find some food.

Sadly, that what's life turning me into.

All the passions, goals and the old me seems slowly vanishing.

Questions keep popping.
What do I really want in this life?
What are my purposes? My goals? My promises?

Sad truth, after a few heartbreaks, everything seems like a good ol childhood dream.
Giving you a butterfly-in-stomach feeling and once reality hits, it faded away along with your confidence, self esteem, and courage.

At the end of the day, while strolling at nearby beach recently, I kept staring at the sky..
It was so beautiful, how the sea blended together with the sky, creating a soothing scenary for a broken heart.

Each time those small waves splashing onto both of my leg, the only thought that came

O Allah, Ive sinned.
Ive sinned.
Ive sinned.

After all, He is my true companion.
No matter how sucks life would be, He is always there.
Looking after me.
And the sound of the oceans's waves, birds chirping, soothing sunset, like a large band-aid to my broken heart. Like a surprise, .. From Him.

And I dont need anything else.