Thank You.

Friday, July 13

Thank you Allah!

Thank you all for your prayer!

Miracle is the right word.

Programme: Middle East Intensive @ Kolej Teknologi Timur

Course: Medicine

Flight: SEPT. 07

May Allah bless you all~


Life goes on...

Thursday, July 5

It had been a month since my last update. There were many "roadblocks" and myself hardly find some "free time" to post something. Well, I'm still at home, counting days to be a "freshman". Errr.. well, I dont know where, but there'll be a place for me. Struggling and striving for SPM day and night, then became one of the best student that school proud of, and now, no place for me? Being a 'straight A's student' not really something that makes my life happier and brighter [err.. for now..]. Maybe others will say, dont strive too hard, you will not get a place though, like ME!! That a poor thought. Maybe only 0.1% got the same case as mine. The 99.99%? As much as I can say, all of them are in the state of happiness right now. End.

I'm waiting for my appeal for IPTA. Waiting and waiting. My first choice was medicine but after I got rejected, I apply for allied sciene for the appeal, in hope that I can change it to medicine, later. BTW, CUCMS had offered me MBBS. [ I must get 3.0 and above in my foundation year]. CUCMS is my last choice since everything there is not free. So what do you think? Me in IPTA or IPTS? You tell me...

LIfe goes on... There's no use to feel sad or frustrated. This is a part of life. Hi and Low. Life is like a tyre[ LOL.. this is cliche]. Yes, it is a test to determine our faith and will makes us a better person than before. InsyaAllah.

I missed my friends so much. How are you mate? Feeling good today? Missed me? Keep on tracking me and my life here. Till we meet again. Someday..

Dear readers,
Thanks for being a good supporter and for always pray for me. May Allah repay all your kindness!