Open thread #13 : Don't be too late.

Tuesday, November 30
Salam alaik.

Its been a while. Heh.

Lately, I've been moody. Heh. In a process of organizing myself back. Prioritize things and stuff. Getting busier. Loading myself with 'bekalan-bekalan' for hereafter. Correcting myself. Finding my inner-me. Getting closer to HIM. Heh.

My jealousy-mode is on as people around me 'moving' faster and my pace is getting slower. Heh.
Again, correcting-myself-mode is on.

Put important stuff first. Prioritize things.Heh.

See, I am just repeating things, because I don't even have an issue to write about. Heh.

See, I am lacking. Moving slower. H-I-B-E-R-N-A-T-I-N-G.

No, no, I cant do this. Heh.

At least for the sake of myself. I am destroying me. Deceiving people around me. Heh. Sorry.

My bad that I am lacking.

Plus, I can't stop right now. A big NO. Just because I am lacking, done sinful things? Uh-uh. No is the answer.

Al- Ghaffur and Al-Rahim.

Just make du'a. HE will listen. HE will forgive. Don't ever think HE wouldn't.

So the question now, have you repent? Have you make du'a?

Or are you keep floating and swimming in a sin-pool and doing nothing? Keep saying you are regretting sinful things that you have done, blaming yourself. Errr, have you talk to HIM about how bad you think of yourself and about you want to start a new you?

HE WILL LISTEN. HE WILL. Always. When others don't He will. He is my best listener. =)

Put yours hands up and make du'a. HE will grant 'sakinah' right away. See, how loving and caring HE is. HE never ever forget us but we do always forget Him. T_T

Du'aa is like a magic. Miracle. Unexplained theory. =)
I have gotten so many things that I have asked desperately for. I bet you too.

He truly doesn't leave the hands of a believer empty when raised to Him. =) (kan3?)
Our Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: Allah is angry with those who do not ask Him for anything.

So why dear, make Him angry?

Ighfirlana ya Rabb. Ighfirlana.

Every single breath that we inhale-in and exhale-out is a prove that He is always watching and guarding us. Shame of ourselves. So now, lets just go back to HIM and say sorry Shall we. He always waiting for us.

Don't be too late.
Izrail and Israfil will not be waiting.


ps: ( Sorry seems to be the hardest word? Nah, we are not doing Elton John here dearie)
ps: Quick info. I am doing Ophthalmology right now. Wish me luck! The end round exam in two months time. Will be more rajin and procative.