End of round two.

Tuesday, January 4
Salam Alaik,

Praise to be Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Hamdallah, finally Ophthalmology comes to its end.

Today will be the last lecture of Ophthalmology and next monday, end round exam will be held.

I gained a LOT. A LOT.

Experiences that never can be bought anywhere. PRICELESS.

Ophthal taught me how to be a DOCTOR. True doctor. With its cool doctors, I am blessed.

Still, being a ophthalmologist is a NO for me. For now. Hehe.

Cool Dr Mohamad Geneina, awesome 'MorningBreakfast', eye surgeries, unforgettable-night-ward-round, great outpatients clinic, etc.

The most memorable thing in Ophthal is..... Amal and Ein would know it. Hehe.

So, all the best in the exam. May Allah be with us.

Till we meet again in ENT.

Department 12.
Dr Sherif Shata.