Saturday, March 31
Salam alaik,

I was wrong at the moment I decided to let go A Walk of My Life.

I thought that I am well prepared to face this journey alone. That I have entered another phase of my life, my 'self-consiousness' will do a better job, as a reminder, to my thoughtless self.

I was wrong. Totally wrong. And I feel wronged, by myself.

As I go through 210+ post on A Walk of My Life, I asked myself, it is really me? Or am I hallucinating. No! It is really me.

So, to be back does not feel good just yet.

Just because I want so many good things to happen, I forgot to be someone who deserves something good.

That is why I am back. This is my home. Where I can experiment on myself, to nurture inner me, so I can give more than I can get.

The clock is ticking and I don't know when my turn will come. Do I have enough time to repent and regret all the bad things that I have done. To ask for forgiveness to whom I have offended.

I just don't know. Honestly, I am not prepared, to be ALONE down there.

I hope I know what I am doing and where will it takes me. InsyaAllah. With His guidance, I will not be swayed.