Yet, the journey continues.

Tuesday, October 6

I know I am being lazy to write. I am not the person that I am used to be. A person that loves to share experiences through her writing. Giving new hopes and let others learn from her past mistakes so that none of the mistakes will be repeated.

Now I am back in Cairo, continues my study as a third year medical student-final year of pre-clinical year. Some said it is the year that needs triple attentions, triple hardworks, and triple determinations. Well, its to early to tell. We will see what happens next. We will.

I came back with new goals, hopes and determination. I dont want to waste any of my precious time being call a medical student. I want to correct all the mistakes that I had done and starts everything all over again.

I really do need your support. I want to be healthy again. Live like a healthy person. Then, I could do everything else. Until then, please do support me. Although I am 80% confident with myself, I am not recovered 100%.

Its time for me to show what I've got, to enjoy the every second of being young, free and single. I dont want to regret anything anymore. Its time to shine and I am ready for it.

And I know I am not alone. HE is always be with me. No matter how much people deceived me, how sick I am, and alone. HE IS always around. So, I dont need to be worry.

La tahzan, innaAllaha ma'ana.